UpdatedSunday December 27, 2015 byCheryl Erickson.

Who is on paid staff for the league?

No one.  The league is run and operated solely with volunteers.

How are teams put together?

Teams can come into the league formed. Teams who are not full will have players assinged based on the player registration date.

What if we have problems?

Always start with the manager.  If managers have issues with parents or players, they will deal directly with their respective commissioners.  If a parent has an issue with a coach, they will deal directly with 

You said something about not arguing with the umpires—isn’t that part of the game?

Not here.  You are always welcome to ask for clarification if there is some sort of question about the rules.  Please do so with the level of respect that is deserved and expected.

When and where are games and practices?

Practices will be held at a time and location determined by the coach. Games will be played according to the posted schedule.

What about inclement weather?

All game cancelations will be posted immediately on web site and notifications will be sent out to those who have signed up for text / e-mail notifications.

What if we have questions in general and don’t know where to turn?

Feel free to contact us, information is located on the Contact Us tab or follow the link http://www.optimistclubofarlington.org/contact_us.asp